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When an individual suspects a building related cause for an illness, they contact us.  We confirm the presence of common contaminants, locate the source and make recommendations for improvements.

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building’s environment in relation to the health and wellbeing of those who occupy space within it.  Clients are often concerned that they have symptoms or health conditions from exposures to contaminants in the buildings where they live or work. One reason for this concern is that their symptoms often get better when they are not in the building.

Indoor environments are highly complex and building occupants may be exposed to a variety of contaminants (in the form of gases and particles) from office machines, cleaning products, construction activities, carpets and furnishings, perfumes, cigarette smoke, water-damaged building materials, microbial growth (fungal, mold, and bacterial), insects, and outdoor pollutants. Other factors such as indoor temperatures, relative humidity, and ventilation levels can also affect how individuals respond to the indoor environment.

Understanding the sources of indoor environmental contaminants and controlling them can often help prevent or resolve building-related symptoms.

About Your Inspector

Dean Lovvorn is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in his field. He was asked by the National Center for Healthy Housing to speak before the hearing board of the International Code Council (ICC) on the subjects of mold, lead-based paints, and carbon monoxide. The ICC sets building code recommendations used by foreign countries and U.S. cities and states.

Mr. Lovvorn was the lead inspector for the South Dallas Super Fund investigation done by the Dallas morning news and advisor on an article about lead (metal) in bathtubs.

Dean Lovvorn also worked along with groups investigating the lead fallout of the Exide plant in Frisco Texas.

Mr. Lovvorn helped many companies in the Dallas - Forth Worth as an EPA Instructor for a federal lead law.

He is a member of the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition, The Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality and many other associations.

In 2015, a office skyscraper on the North Dallas Tollway was evacuated because of fumes.  Mr. Lovvorn was called in by USAA and Lincoln Properies to solve the problem quickly, so employees could return to work.

The Journal of Light Construction (, the largest magazine for contractors, asked Dean Lovvorn to write an article explaining the new federal Renovations, Repairs, and Paining ruling.

One of the largest blogs for painters ( requested Dean Lovvorn write several articles.

He has also been features on RRPedia, SLS Construction, Criterion Environmental, W M Smith Builders, and RRP Compliance.