When you smell gas or sewer odors you know you have a problem.  Both of these can be considered combustible gases which can be ignited easily.  On top of this, breathing in the chemicals can cause health symptoms.

Natural gas, gasoline and propane need to be tested with a combustible air meter, while sewer odors need to be tested with hydrogen sulfide meter and sometimes with an ammonia meter.  Since we specialize in indoor air quality, we have these meters and more.

Sometimes, sewer and gas odors are confused with an odor that is produced from mold, called a mold volatile organic compound.  The inspector is also a licensed mold inspector so he will be able to help with correctly identifying the odor.


Q:  How much does testing cost?

$395.  This is a flat rate, so there are no surprises or trying to upsell you with other services once we arrive.

Cash, Credit Cards or Checks accepted.

Q:  Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take cash, credit cards or checks.




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