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Dean Lovvorn is licensed to perform lead inspections, risk assessments, elevated blood lead level investigations and clearance testing.

What good is a lead inspection without testing the soil, water and for lead paint hazards?  Our inspection take care of all concerns.

The Lead Based Paint Inspection Process

1.  The inspector will arrive, introduce themselves and then verify what type of inspection you want.  Tell the inspector what your goals are and they will make sure you get what you want.

2.  The inspector will then calibrate their XRF Analyzer  (see picture).  The XRF is a piece of equipment that can take non-destructive testing.  This will only take around 5 minutes or so.

3.  Normally, once they begin the inspection, they will go in a clock wise direction.  They will take measurements inside, outside and even in the garage.  The protocol that guides the inspector on what to test, will require them to inspect several areas in each room.  10 or more samples will be taken in each room.

4.  Results will be known immediately.  A good inspector will also check the soil and do some dust wipe test if they start discovering lead based paint.  When calling around for prices, make sure they will test the soil and take dust wipe samples if necessary.

5.  When finished, he or she will then calibrate the XRF again to make sure of accurate readings.

6.  They then will tell the client what they found.  Legally, they can only tell their client, so if you are not the client … don’t ask.  They will also answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lead inspection cost?

A formal lead based paint inspection has anywhere between 100 to 150 non-destructive samples taken inside and outside the building.  That is a lot of samples and thus, the inspection will run $500 for a home in the Dallas - Fort Worth area that is under 4,000 square feet.  It can take an hour to two hours. 

Payment can be made with cash, credit card or check. 

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I have children and am buying a home.  How important is a lead inspection?

After all these years, lead poisoning is still the number one environmental concern for children.  While you may not hear about it in the news, roughly 50,000 children in the DFW area have elevated blood lead levels.  Almost all of them occur because the parents didn't get the home inspected.

I have children and grandchildren who live in older homes and I have no worry about them, because I checked the paint and we keep it in good shape.

What is the difference between a licensed Lead Inspector and a licensed Lead Risk Assessor?

A lead inspector has not been trained in lead risk assessment or lead based paint hazards.  The advantage of using a Lead Risk Assessor is if lead paint is found, they can advise you about the potential for harm.