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Methamphetamine House Testing

The Johnsons purchased a house. They were soon plagued by mysterious illnesses. Their three babies became pale and lethargic, requiring many trips to the emergency room where they were put on respirators and one received steroids. Gloria developed headaches, and her husband suffered kidney ailments. They endured these illnesses for years until they discovered, five years after moving into their house, that it was the location of a former meth lab.

Was a meth lab in your home or apartment in the past?  It doesn't take a meth lab to contaminate a home.  Simply smoking meth indoors can leave residue on walls, carpets and other items.

1.  We begin the inspection by performing a visual assessment, which will look for signs that a meth lab was there.

2.  We test the air for sulfur dioxide, ammonia, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. 

3.  Surface composite testing will be done in 4 locations, usually on walls.  We test for 0.1 µg/100 cm2 levels because this is what most states consider clean.  These surface samples will give instant results and are approved by NIOSH and CDC.

The most dangerous home is one where past occupants have smoked meth, but new occupants can't smell any chemical smells.  This "not to hot" "not to cold" area can cause chronic illnesses.


Q:  How much does testing cost?

We use a flat rate, so there are no surprises or trying to upsell and raise the price once we're there.  The cost is $395.

Q:  When will you know results?

Results will be known at the time of inspection.

Q:  Do you remediate or cleanup meth labs?

No.  This would be a conflict of interest if we were to do so.  However, we do clearance testing after cleanup has been accomplished.