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Commercial & Office Mold Inspection and Testing

We've work with hospitals, schools, property management firms and television stations when they have concerns, employee complaints or simply want their area checked for due dilegence.

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$495 Mold Inspection  per floor or area, less than 4,000 square feet in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  This is a flat rate with no surprises.

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Do you have a suspicion that mold problems exist?  If so, what is causing the problem?  How do we fix the problem?  This is what we answer with our inspections.  To answer these questions, we take multiple air test using the latest state of the art equipment, which gives us real time results.

What Is Tested?

Mold Inspection and Testing

  1. Includes air test in each major area to see if there is the possibility of excessive mold spores in the air.  This is done by measuring the 2.5 micron sized particles, which are the size of most mold spores.

  2. All major areas will be air tested again measuring the volatile organic compounds (VOC).  Actively growing mold produces VOCs, which can also cause health symptoms.

  3. Additionally, one or more laboratory air sample will be taken if needed to confirm what type of mold is there.  Is it black toxic mold or some other type of mold?

Surface and Hidden Mold

A visual assessment will be done using state of the art equipment like borescopes, thermal imaging, moisture meters and other measuring equipment when required.



"Dean did an excellent job of simplifying the results of his tests and giving us a layperson’s explanation of common risks in a home". "We have been extremely happy with how easily we can get in touch with him after his inspection for follow-up questions".     Jonathan M, Dallas

"My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Dean". "We are very thankful for Dean’s expertise and dedication"."My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Dean". "We are very thankful for Dean’s expertise and dedication".  Ann H, Dallas

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