Mold Inspector Tricks

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1.  Low-balling

Low-balling is a sales technique where a price is given, but when the inspector arrives ... they begin adding on more things, which means more money.

When looking for a mold inspector, ask them is this price includes everything?

2.  Making money by suggesting that remediation is needed.

Most mold inspectors can make additional money if they can convince you to do remediation.  Another company will probably do the actual remediation, but the mold inspector can make money writing a mold protocol and doing a mold clearance, which is part of the remediation process.

When looking for a mold inspector, ask them if they can write a mold protocol?  If so, then hold on to your wallet.

3.  Doing unnecessary remediation.

Some mold inspectors use laboratory results to scare their client into doing remediation unnecessarily.  In reality, the laboratory results are normal and at levels found in most homes.


The Wrong Place

We went into a home where mold remediation had been done on a hall bathroom.  However, the lady of the house was still experiencing health problems.

We soon discovered why.  The remediation was needed in the bedroom ... not the bathroom.

The $3,000 Remediation

A client wanted a second opinion.  She had mold in her washroom closet and remediation was going to cost her $3,189.00.

We came in and found that it was surface mold and wiped it off with a wet disposable towel.

DIY Remediation

A customer saw some mold on the ceiling, but they were'nt having any symptoms.  So they decide to cut it out themselves.  After cutting it out, they began having symptoms and called us to investigate.

What happened?  The mold spores on the ceiling were not getting into the indoor air.  However, once they began disturbing the area by cutting out the sheetrock ... millions of mold spores spread throughout the whole house.