Dean Lovvorn is a State of Texas licensed mold inspector, who uses his industrial hygiene experience to perform investigations for commercial and residential properties. 

Industrial hygiene is the science of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling conditions that may cause injury or illness.  Thus, those who have a suspicion of mold health issues should use a specialist.

$395 Flat Fee Mold Inspection

No upselling once there.  No surprises.  Just one low set price.

The first question Dean answers is; “Do you have a mold problem that can cause or is causing an illness"? To answer this…

1. He will take around 7 air test to help determine if there is the possibility of excessive mold spores in the air. Dean measures the 2.5 micron sized particles, which are the size of most mold spores, to see if elevated levels exist.

2. Dean will test the air again in 4 areas, measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC). Actively growing mold produces VOCs. Mycotoxins and VOCs both can cause illness, so any mold inspection should test for VOCs.

3. A risk assessment for mycotoxins is performed.  Dean is one of the few mold inspectors who has his State of Texas lead risk assessment license.

4.  Takes one or more air samples if needed to see if black mold is in the air. Results are known instantly.

If high levels of mold exist, the use of borescopes, thermal imaging, moisture meters and measurement of temperature & relative humidity will also be used to help locate the source if unknown.

No other mold inspection company offers you so much … for so little.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do people become ill from mold?

Surprisingly, many people do not get ill from mold, but from mold byproducts.  Byproducts like mold volatile organic compounds, mycotoxins, endotoxins, proteins and other byproducts.

This is why many do not get sick from mold, even though a large area of mold growth exist ... no byproducts are being produced.  Likewise, many people can become sick when no mold growth is seen. You need someone who understands this.

Does removing mold help improve illness?

Many mold inspectors find mold and their clients spend thousands of dollars in remediation cost, but have no improvement in health symptoms.  Why?  The inspector only knows enough to find mold and have it removed and not enough education or experience in industrial hygiene.

Can mold inspectors make money on remediation?

Yes, many of them can.  If they are Mold Assessment Consultants (MAC) they can earn money on remediation writing protocols and doing clearance testing.  However, there are a few Mold Assessment Technician (MAT) inspectors and they can not make money on remediation.  This why many people trust a MAT to be unbiased and more honest.  This is also why Dean is a MAT, so that his customers will know there is no conflict of interest.

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