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Radon Testing

Your home is filled with radon gas.  The only question is; “how high are the levels“?

What is radon gas?  It is a radioactive gas that comes from decaying uranium down in the soil .  In most homes, it is sucked into the indoor air from the soil, where buildup occurs.  You cannot see or smell radon gas.  Radon gas kills more people than drunk drivers, drownings and home fires combined.  It is the second leading cause of lung cancer and has more victims than asbestos.

Radon How much does a radon test cost?

The testing for radon is $395.  Check, cash or credit cards are accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get results

We get instant results at the end of the testing period, so you will know immediately.

How long does the inspection take?

  1. On the first visit, it will take the inspector about 15 minutes to set-up the equipment.

  2. Then the equipment runs for 48 hours.

  3. The inspector will return to pickup the equipment which will take around 5 minutes.

How big of a problem is radon in the Dallas - Fort Worth area?

On average around 2 to 3 houses on your block will have elevated levels.  Texas is known to have some really high levels when radon enters the home.